Grief goes online: steady QR-code on tombstones links directly to an virtual homepage of remembrance

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Ilshofen-Eckartshausen, Germany ( prnewspublisher ) March 21, 2013 – With a fixed QR-code on a tombstone, the bereaved get a modern and at the same moment respectful possibility, to commemorate the deceased for the first time :

Via QR-code directly to a homepage of grief.

The producer Grabstein-QR produces and also sells tombstones made of granite and also of porcelain for the first of all time.

The QR-code will be engraved via laser or optionally burned into the porcelain.

The service also includes the creation of an interactive, respectful website of grief or memorial.

Interested parties will get any information on

The memories of loved ones get a new, final dimension with their death.

But what is left for thoughtful moments, are only a few data on usual tombstones : name, date of birth and death, a small dedication.

With the technique of QR, the bereaved gets a new chance for a modern type of mourning.

QR – once developed for the automobile industry – is the name for a two-dimensional barcode, which is able to be read with every smartphone or tablet.

Visitors of the grave can scan the engraved QR-code and will be linked directly to a homepage of grief. To insert this symbiosis of tradition and innovation into society, the tombstones are well and restrained designed. Websites of Grabstein-QR, that contain lists of condolence and support all usual file formats, are also designed with proper style.

Grabstein-QRs services are therefore modern and elegant additions to traditional tombstones and offer a new, individual benefit to all bereaved.

Ten types in all are on disposal.

Due to the contrast to the dark granite and the weather resistance it is ensured to scan the QR-codes in the long run.

Of course every QR-code is unique and one of a kind, just as the deceased person that is ensured to leave a fingerprint on earth.

The most complex product in Grabstein-QRs range of products is a tombstone made of granite with inserted porcelain (20x20x15cm) and charges with 139,95 € (incl VAT).

The version engraved with laser (20x20x6cm) charges 129,95€ (incl VAT).

You can find all QR products on :

Shipment within Germany (onshore) is free. You will find any details, terms and conditions about shipment abroad and to german islands on Grabstein-QRs website.

Press Contact:

Gottlieb Plesniarski
In den Hausgärten 18
74532 Ilshofen-Eckartshausen
Phone: +49 (0)800-9272436


Pool Online games Online

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Play pool have invariably been in the trend, are still inside trend and will keep on finding yourself in the trend. After all, it is just about the most authentic game titles available in software program format. The adventure was already preferred, even before laptop computer was devised, and was the preferred hangout time interest for the youthful and the old. When the technology era commenced, people began giving it a concept, to develop a sport, based on a little something, that has been a component of our civilization since extended. And this has been how the initial game based upon pool, ended up being ever for sale in the software arrangement.

As the time period passed, the web era took over things completely. People began having the craving of making all of the things available on the internet, a games getting one of them. Pool games were born away from such views itself. The moment these video game titles were created with an world-wide-web perspective and hang up on the internet so that the people could have fun with this, it became a bigger strike than ever before. Individuals started hauling into the online gaming websites more and more often and would remain plastered to the monitor, for hours, trying to get the picture right and acquire the basketball in the jean pocket.
As far as the foundations and laws of the pool games are concerned, they are not in any respect different from a originally active rules. With there being many different variations available, the foundations related to all of them change although. What makes these types of games really interesting is that you actually feel like you are participating in in the real world. You must check on the velocity of your photo, you need to be sure that you are showing up in the ball inside the right areas and most importantly should you miss, you aren’t getting any 2nd chances. For a similar reason, there are several people who stay online all day, on websites like these, making sure that they clear each stage to comprehend number of points. There are also not any other games, that you would be competing against the time clock, and would likely try to very clear things off the pool, at the earliest opportunity.
Poolgames have always included in the number of top online games, which are continually preferred. And this also fact has just because feasible due to the interactive game play solutions, better types and most importantly, due to the fact that in order to gives for the players, an authentic time gambling experience.

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A Trivita Review – Can doing all this Online business opportunity Work?

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If the here your probably trying to join Trivita, or previously joined them…
Well you must go to a good option because I will supply you with my personal opinion on everything related to Trivita.
When first going through the company this doesn’t happen look too exciting. Their internet site doesn’t always have every one of the fancy graphics of others.
But this shouldn’t prevent you from looking closer…
Trivita has existed for 10yrs now. Becoming a work from home business company, that’s unusual. Companies now-a-days go out of business everywhere you look.
They’re also privately operated and get no stock holders! They may be in perfect position since they do not possess to please investors they could do what’s right then concern yourself with profit.

The leadership is fantastic also…
Michael Ellison is usually a Media King. He owns an exceptionally large company called Ellison Media. If you do not know who they really are, they actually do all of the media with the Rich Dad Company.
Yeah…Big Stuff!
In regards to products Trivita doesn’t loose any points. A bunch of their products are completely natural and have really low refund rates. Having a real large type of nutrition supplements lets them stay very competitive from the Wellness Industry.

One best part his or her did was launch a service by the name of Sonoran Bloom. Its from the Napal Cactus Superfruit but it statements to cure inflammation. That might include problems like arthritis and allergies. The testimonials with this particular product have been great at this point.
With regards to Trivita’s compensation goes, they are doing a Co-Op model and make use of Media to receive customers. And in-turn affiliates can buy the rights to those customers as Trivita keeps marketing for them 14 times 12 months.

Also you can enroll other affiliates to do the exact same. In-turn you have paid in their customers also.
Together with the introduction of Sonoran Bloom they have now been paid to the rest of a traditional Multi level marketing Plan. It seems to vow great residual income, that is a must for virtually any multilevel marketing comp plan.
Now comes a vey important a part of my review… How good can they coach you on to advertise?
They may have great resources in relation to having the ability to purchase customers quickly of the commercials they produce. This allows the newest person to view immediate results using money!

Where recruiting new affiliates, that part is very left back.
Hopefully you’ve learned the valuable skill of selling because if have not…
About to catch going to get very far in building a large residual income.
But if your thinking about Trivita review being a company to sign up for it is advisable to go on a month or two and learn to market yourself first!
A lot of people take action backwards and discover an agency first trying to recruit people who have no marketing secrets…
To make sure they find themselves burned out and fail therefore…

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4Life Research Review

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4Life Principals are a multi level marketing or mlm marketing company providing you with both excellent merchandise, as well as the possible ways to accomplish your own business. The firm is focused on pioneering could be study and body’s defense mechanisms support products, with innovative breakthroughs in Transfer Factor Science. 4Life Research bags are named state-of-the-art, exclusive and patented. To as ease overall health and wellness.

4Life believes in building people through success, science and service. Tag heuer would like to supply health, financial freedom and unrivalled time for it to all its customers and distributors. For 10 years, this provider has advanced in Transferceutical Science using a dynamite compensation approach that aids distributors reach their goals in addition to their sales potential.

The firm has gotten awards and merits for his or her continuous research and development. The PDR is often a trustworthy cause of facts regarding the greatest herbs and supplements. 4Life Transfer Factor bags are actually indexed in the PDR since 2002. In 2006, David Lisonbee acquired the remarkably coveted international I.N. Blokhina Award for excellence with immune sciences. He was inducted from the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences. 4Life is continuing to grow continuously and possesses opened 12 offices all around the world, pushing business in more than 40 countries.

4Life tries to develop leaders who will be truly worth pursuing. The group posseses an outstanding resume of market expertise, and has core beliefs and principles that drive their day-to-day actions. 4Life executives recognize the service and leadership defines the corporation boundaries. Tag heuer pursues Transferceutical Science to innovate and see one after the other.

Successfully achieving the corporation led it to introduce 4Life review plus the Life Rewards Intend to the modern world. At this time, 4Life applies its statement, “Together, Building People” in over 40 nations. 4Life founders, Bianca and David Lisonbee have spent A decade to consider 4Life Transfer Thing to everyone. Some nations covered currently consist of Colombia, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, New Zealand, Korea, Singapore, India, Thailand, Spain and Taiwan.

4Life started out in the early 1990s when David Lisonbee, CEO and Founder discovered a example of some patent known as transfer factors. Transfer factors are usually not herbs, minerals, vitamins or fruit. There’re messenger molecules that assist the training and aid of immune cells should they be working correctly.

Transfer factor molecules are totally unique. They function by transferring immune details coming from a powerful and resilient defense mechanisms to a single more in need of funds. This signifies that the entire body will borrow the immune details necessary to respond and recognize external threats and invaders. 4Life Transfer Factor will give you the requirements for the disease fighting capability support.

One product be the Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor who has 90 capsules. The merchandise represents the greatest volume of defense mechanisms support by 4Life. 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula mixes the Tri-Factor Formula with extra help from Cordyvant to offer the superior body’s defense mechanisms support. A lot of the featured ingredients contain shiitake and maitake mushrooms, beta glucans, olive leaf extract, codyceps, beta sitosterol and inositol hexaphosphate.

One more method Transfer Factor RioVida Tri-Factor that is the only juice beverage which provides the rewards of 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula. It truly is combined with potent antioxidant fruit drinks like blueberry, pomegranate, acai, elderberry and purple grape. The Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula shows the body’s defense mechanisms an increase and balance.

You should buy a Diamond4Life success Kit, or donrrrt professional with Diamond4Life. You’ll receive income for the Diamond level for a lifetime of Few months. You’re able to save cash by collecting the choices at wholesale price then marketing and retailing them. You additionally have more points and income by bringing more and more people into your network. The audience and organization volume can increase after a while, thereby providing you more benefits and potential income for years to come.

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Employee has no right to particular overall score in employers reference

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An employee has no right to a particular overall score from the preparation of an employer’s reference. Moreover, this right does not arise from the requirement for clarity in a reference.

GRP Rainer Lawyers Tax Advisors, Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Stuttgart, Bremen, Nuremberg and London explain: In its judgment of 21 August 2012 (Az.: 3 Sa 234/12), the Rhineland-Palatinate Regional Labour Court (Landesarbeitsgericht (LAG)) decided that an employee has no right to a particular overall score from the preparation of an employer’s reference.

The requirement for clarity in a reference does mean that the reference cannot be inherently contradictory. However, it does not follow from this that the employee has a right to a particular overall score from the preparation of an employer’s reference.

The LAG had to reach a decision in a case in which the claimant demanded that the reference granted to him be amended by the defendant. For this reason, the defendant was obliged to amend the reference, because the individual assessments therein pointed to the overall assessment desired by the claimant. The claim was dismissed by the Kaiserslautern Labour Court in its judgment of 10 April 2012 (Az.: 8 Ca 2013/11). The claimant’s appeal before the LAG was also unsuccessful.

employment law germany
The LAG justified its decision by saying that an employee has no right to a particular overall score from the issuance of the employer’s reference. The requirement for clarity in a reference does mean that the reference cannot be inherently contradictory. Nevertheless, a right to a particular overall score in an employer’s reference can only arise from the requirement for clarity in a reference if the individual assessments of the employee, or other information in the reference, necessarily lead to the conclusion that the improved overall assessment demanded by the employee is appropriate. Such a conclusion was not justified in the case at hand.

Whether conclusion of an agreement, written notice or dismissal, a lawyer active in the field of labour law shall represent your interests in individual and collective labour law, both extrajudicially and before a court.

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Playing Fun Online games Online

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The Net offers us with a number of entertainment outlets via films, to songs, online games and more. Essentially the most well-liked platforms that folks use for games on the internet is Macromedia Flash. Flash enables users to play very worthwhile, deep, and entertaining games from their internet browser without the need to download plenty of bulky software. Most people engage in these online game titles for the entertainment element, and here we are gonna take a look at exactly what makes a game fun and in addition what the advantages have playing flash games that you love.

So consider the following subject: why is a video game enjoyable for me? The enjoyment you get from games will depend on lots of personal aspects since different people like completely different features of games. Especially, if you possibly can limit your own flavour in flash video games, then you’ll definitely be able to target a certain genre of flash games and become more likely to learn video games that you will enjoy. As most flash video game websites breakdown their particular game entries by simply genre, this is definitely any quite successful way of finding more of the sorts of video games you enjoy. When you’ve taken the time to locate some video games which you really enjoy, you’re all set to relish them to their full potential.

One of the main advantages of playing entertaining expensive online games is the fact that that decreases your stress sums. When you’re heavily pressured, you are struggling to operate efficiently and also your performance diminishes. Contrary to public opinion, enjoying Transformice Private Server on the pc can actually raise your efficiency if it is done in small amounts which is used specifically for the objective of winding down and also lowering stress levels.

When it’s possible to find a flash game that you undoubtedly adore and also spend some time enjoying it, then you are finding the time out for active rest, which works much better for a lot of people compared to passive rest. An illustration of this passive rest could be taking a nap. Chilling with an intriguing online game that you are able to delight within without sensing negative about wasting time is definitely a rewarding experience given it allows you to rest from a more mentally and physically pushing activities. This type of remainder is totally important in maintaining a healthy frame of mind in the long run and leading a gratifying and fulfilling living.

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Eine lange Bindung der Gesellschafter an eine GbR kann unangemessen sein

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Eine zu lange Bindung der Gesellschafter einer Gesellschaft buergerlichen Rechts (GbR), die aus dem Gesellschaftsvertrag der GbR folgt, kann unter Umstaenden unangemessen sein.

GRP Rainer Rechtsanwaelte Steuerberater, Koeln, Berlin, Bonn, Duesseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Muenchen, Stuttgart, Bremen und Nuernberg fuehren aus: Mit Urteil vom 06.11.2012 (Az.: II ZR 176/12) hat der Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) entschieden, dass eine im Gesellschaftsvertrag einer GbR vereinbarte Bindung der Gesellschafter an die Gesellschaft ueber einen laengeren Zeitraum unter Umstaenden unangemessen sein kann.

Eine lange Bindung der Gesellschafter an die Gesellschaft koenne zu einer Beschraenkung der Kuendigungsmoeglichkeit der Gesellschafter fuehren, die deshalb unwirksam sei.

Enthalte der Gesellschaftsvertrag eine Bindung der Gesellschafter an die Gesellschaft, muesse diese zeitlich ueberschaubar sein und duerfe die persoenliche und wirtschaftliche Bewegungsfreiheit des Gesellschafters nicht unangemessen einschraenken.

Ist eine im Gesellschaftsvertrag vereinbarte Bindung der Gesellschafter an die Gesellschaft zu lang und ist die Regelung deshalb unangemessen, fuehre dies zur Unwirksamkeit der Regelung. An die Stelle der unwirksamen Regelung trete dann die Möoeglichkeit der ordentlichen Kuendigung mit den gesetzlichen Kuendigungsfristen.

Die Frage, wo die zeitliche Grenze einer Bindung der Gesellschafter an die Gesellschaft verlaufe, muesse fuer den Einzelfall entscheiden werden. Bei der Beurteilung sollen neben den schutzwuerdigen Interessen des einzelnen Gesellschafters auch die Struktur der Gesellschaft, die Art und das Ausmass der fuer die Beteiligung aus der Gesellschaft folgenden Pflichten, sowie das aus dem Gesellschaftszweck begruendete Interesse an einem moeglichst langfristigem Bestand der Gesellschaft zu beruecksichtigen sein.

Die Gesellschaft buergerlichen Rechts oder auch BGB-Gesellschaft-GbR genannt, ist die einfachste Form einer Personengesellschaft. Deshalb gibt es fuer die BGB-Gesellschaft nur wenige zwingende gesetzliche Vorgaben und es liegt an ihren Gesellschaftern, der Gesellschaft durch den Gesellschaftsvertrag Kontur zu verleihen.

So ist etwa der Gesellschaftsvertrag nicht formgebunden und viele GbR Vorschriften sind abdingbar. Genau in dieser Flexibilität besteht zum einen der Reiz, zum anderen aber auch die Gefahr bei der Gruendung einer Gesellschaft buergerlichen Rechts. Denn viele Moeglichkeiten bergen auch viele Risiken. Gerade deshalb ist es wichtig, Ihre Gesellschaft schon vor ihrer Gruendung in die Haende erfahrener Anwaelte zu legen.

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Playing Fun Flash Games Online

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The Net provides us with a various entertainment outlets via films, to tracks, online games and more. Just about the most well-liked platforms that folks make use of for games on the internet is Macromedia Flash. Flash enables users to play very worthwhile, deep, and enjoyable games from their internet browser without the need to download plenty of bulky software. Most people engage in these online games for the entertainment issue, and here we are planning to take a look at exactly what makes a game fun as well as what the advantages have playing flash games that you just love.

So contemplate the following subject: what makes a video game enjoyable for me? The enjoyment you get beyond games will depend on lots of personal aspects since different people like different features of games. Particularly, if you possibly can define your own flavour within flash video games, then you’ll definitely be able to target a selected genre of online games and become more likely to discover video games that you will really enjoy. As most flash sport websites breakdown his or her game entries by genre, this is definitely a quite successful strategy for finding more of the types of video games you enjoy. Once you have taken the time to search out some video games that you really enjoy, you’re all set to savor them to their entire potential.

One of the main attributes of playing entertaining display online games is the fact that this decreases your stress sums. When you’re heavily anxious, you are struggling to operate efficiently and also your performance diminishes. Contrary to public opinion, playing Transformice on the pc can certainly raise your efficiency should it be done in small amounts and it is used specifically for the objective of winding down along with lowering stress levels.

When you’re able to find a flash game that you undoubtedly enjoy and also spend some time playing it, then you are making the effort out for lively rest, which works much better for a lot of people in comparison with passive rest. Among passive rest can be taking a nap. Chilling with an intriguing online game that you are able to delight in without sensing poor about wasting time is an extremely rewarding experience as it allows you to rest out of your more mentally and physically demanding activities. This type of relaxation is totally important in sustaining a healthy frame of mind in the long run and leading an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

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Bundesgerichtshof soll das Merkmal der Leichtfertigkeit im Transportrecht naeher bestimmt haben

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Der Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) soll mit seinem Grundsatzurteil vom 25.03.2004 (Az. I ZR 205/01) das Merkmal der „Leichtfertigkeit“ des Frachtfuehrers naeher bestimmt haben.

GRP Rainer Rechtsanwaelte Steuerberater, Koeln, Berlin, Bonn, Duesseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Muenchen, Stuttgart, Bremen und Nuernberg fuehren aus: Die in einem Frachtvertrag vorgesehenen Haftungsbeschraenkungen und Haftungsbegrenzungen koennten unter Umstaenden keine Anwendung finden, sofern der entstandene Schaden vorsaetzlich oder leichtfertig und in dem Bewusstsein, dass ein Schaden eintreten koenne, begangen werde. Dies geht aus der hierfuer massgeblichen Vorschrift des Handelsgesetzbuch (HGB) hervor.

In dem von dem BGH zu entscheidenden Fall soll der Klaeger ein Speditionsunternehmen wegen des Verlustes eines zu transportierenden Gutes in Anspruch genommen haben. Das Gut sollte dabei von einem Drittunternehmer des Speditionsunternehmens uebergeben werden. Im Zuge der verschiedenen Transportwege soll das Gut jedoch abhanden gekommen sein, wobei sich wohl nicht mehr feststellen laesst, wo dies der Fall war.

Nach der Ansicht des BGH sei fuer die „Leichtfertigkeit“ im Sinne des HGB zunaechst ein besonders schwerer Pflichtverstoss erforderlich. Ein solcher sei unter anderem gegeben, wenn sich der Frachtfuehrer in krasser Weise ueber die Sicherheitsinteressen des Vertragspartners hinwegsetze.

Das ebenfalls erforderliche Bewusstsein des moeglichen Schadenseintritts sei nach Ansicht des BGH jedoch nicht bereits durch das Vorliegen des Merkmals der Leichtfertigkeit erfuellt. Vielmehr seien hierzu der Inhalt und Umstaende des leichtfertigen Verhaltens zu beruecksichtigen. Insbesondere seien Erfahrungssaetze und typische Geschehensablaeufe heranzuziehen.

Im vorliegenden Fall sah der BGH diese Grundsaetze wohl als gegeben an. So fuehrte der BGH aus, dass bei einer Betriebsorganisation des Frachtfuehrers die Ein- und Ausgangskontrollen beim Umschlag von Transportguetern nicht durchgaengig vorsehe, der Vorwurf der „Leichtfertigkeit“ im Ergebnis gerechtfertigt sei.

Das Transportrecht gewinnt aufgrund stetig steigender Transportzahlen immer mehr an Bedeutung und ist dabei in rechtlicher Hinsicht nicht immer leicht zu handhaben.
Eine Herausforderung des Transportrecht besteht bereits in der Fuelle der relevanten gesetzlichen Regelungen, die neben nationalem Normen und Vereinbarungen auch internationale Bestimmungen umfasst, die es zu beachten gilt.

Bereits vor diesem Hintergrund wird deutlich, dass der juristische Laie oftmals Schwierigkeiten haben wird, alle rechtlich bedeutsamen Aspekte im Blick zu haben und entsprechend umzusetzen. Ratsam ist es deshalb, bei auftretenden Schwierigkeiten unverzueglich und – wenn moeglich – bereits im Vorfeld fachkundigen Rechtsrat von einem Rechtsanwalt einzuholen.

Luebecker Landgericht entscheidet ueber Schadenersatz bei offenen Immobilienfonds

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Opfer der Schliessung von offenen Immobilienfonds koennen unter Umstaenden auf Schadenersatz wegen Falschberatung hoffen.

GRP Rainer Rechtsanwaelte Steuerberater, Koeln, Berlin, Bonn, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Muenchen, Stuttgart, Hannover, Bremen, Nuernberg und Essen fuehren aus: Anleger offener Immobilienfonds wurden in der Vergangenheit oft enttaeuscht. Versprochene Renditen wurden nicht erwirtschaftet und es kam in einigen Faellen sogar zu der Schliessung von Fonds, so dass die Anleger nicht mehr auf ihr Kapital zugreifen konnten.

Haeufig wurden die betroffenen Anleger bei der Zeichnung ihrer Fonds nicht ausreichend ueber die bestehenden Risiken aufgeklaert oder ihnen wurde nichts ueber an ihre Anlageberater fliessende Rueckverguetungen (sog. „Kick-Backs“) mitgeteilt. In solchen Faellen koennen Anlageberatungsfehler vorliegen. Anleger, die Opfer derartiger Fehler geworden sind, haben als Folge unter Umstaenden Ansprueche auf Schadenersatz gegen die Finanzdienstleister, die sie beraten haben. Dann haben sie die Chance, so gestellt zu werden, als haetten sie die entsprechenden Beteiligungen nie erworben.

Ein solcher Anlageberatungsfehler soll nach einem Beschluss des Landgerichts Luebeck auch dann vorliegen, wenn der Anlageberater einem stark sicherheitsorientierten Anleger Anteile an einem offenen Immobilienfonds verkauft waehrend zum Zeitpunkt der Beratung bereits bekannt ist, dass grosse offene Immobilienfonds geschlossen werden mussten. Die von einer Anlegerin verklagte Bank soll dieser nach dem Beschluss des Landgerichts einen Vergleich angeboten haben und sich bereit erklaert haben, ihr die gesamte Einlagesumme zurueck zu gewaehren und die Prozesskosten zu uebernehmen.

Der Beschluss des Luebecker Landgerichts und seine Folgen machen deutlich, dass es sich fuer von einer Falschberatung betroffene Anleger durchaus lohnen kann, Schadensersatz einzufordern. Auch das Landgericht Frankfurt am Main (Az. 2-12 O 81/11) und das Landgericht Berlin (Az. 27 O 627/11) entschieden Mitte 2012, dass Bankberater ihren Kunden ohne entsprechende Risikoaufklaerung keinen offenen Immobilienfonds verkaufen duerfen und dass insbesondere auf das sog. „Schliessungsrisiko“ und die damit verbundenen Folgen hingewiesen werden muesse.

Somit sollten insbesondere Anleger, denen bei der Zeichnung eines offenen Immobilienfonds dessen absolute Sicherheit sowie die staendige Verfuegbarkeit ihres Kapitals versichert wurden, ihre Beteiligung durch einen im Kapitalmarktrecht taetigen Rechtsanwalt untersuchen lassen. Dieser kann einzelfallbezogen pruefen, ob und gegen wen ihnen Schadensersatzansprueche zustehen und diese falls noetig auch gerichtlich verfolgen.