Semalt Expert: New Ways to Personalize Your Digital Marketing

As new techniques regarding marketing continue to crop up, so are SEO methods advancing. Many methods of online marketing revolve around increasing the visibility on the search engines and generating traffic. Most internet marketing technique depends on tasks such as keyword search, backlinking, content creation, SEO, SMM, and conversions. This article presents a totally different approach to digital marketing is present. This technique is Weather personalization. It does not require customer data such as name or demographics. It uses the location to optimize content and increase the conversions to your website pages. Implementing this strategy can be difficult for persons who are new to the field of online marketing.
Nik Chaykovskiy, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, offers to your attention the following methods of making weather personalization for your blog:

Weather personalization
This feature involves personalizing the look and feel of surfing on your website in accordance to the weather in the location of the user. This method makes the user engage with the audience and also makes the look and feel of surfing seem natural.

This method works just like personalizing email campaigns. The name and geographical locations of the subjects are necessities, but the weather is the main aspect. The only new SEO tactic here is that there is more personal effort than before.

Why Weather personalization is important
Weather personalization can help a consumer make valuable decisions regarding life time choices. For instance, this method can influence the way a person may dress, or perform a particular buying decision. This aspect is the main aspect which affects consumer economy. In some instances, entrepreneurs can sell some weather-based affiliate products due to the way in which a user can shift needs on demand.

Weather personalization can apply to businesses such as food and drinks, cars industry, clothing industry, medical as well as the agriculture industry. This technique is very versatile and can apply to many persons in various diverse niches.

Implementing weather personalization
This method is straightforward to implement. The biggest worry one might have is how to enter the weather patterns. This process is automatic. You do not have to keep entering your user data. Thanks to the automation tools available. The weather can be available from companies like "WeatherTrigger" API or "SkyMosity." They have API's which can give some regular feeds as well as updates on the site. From here, it can provide essential services with a very high level of integration.


Implementing weather automation on your e-commerce website is very easy. It works like conventional SEO tools, but it does not target at increasing your website visibility online. For instance, when the weather of a place is rainy, and the GPS of a phone captures a shopper at a particular shopping mall, you can send a coupon or ad inviting the person to your store for a discount on an item or cloth.

It is important to take a weather history of the geographical region of your niche. This task can equip you with a list of the items which most customers buy at whichever times. Keeping a close monitor of such aspects and patterns can increase your sales as well as enhancing your SEO efforts.

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